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What are Spiritual Readings?

I am often asked what is a “Spiritual” reading, vs a regular reading. A Spiritual reading is based on the idea that we are ALL God’s Beloved’s and we sometimes need help in deciphering the internal messages that we receive. … Continue reading

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Psychic – Child of God

Many people ask me what it’s like being psychic and I am stumped when I try to answer them. I don’t consider myself to be any different than anyone else, nor did I even acknowledge this “ability” as the “gift” … Continue reading

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Reiki Always Heals…..

I remember when I first discovered Reiki and received my first attunement in 2000, ten years ago. After being attuned, I Reiki’d people, places and things, sending healing energy wherever my thoughts carried me. I went Reiki wild! At that … Continue reading

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I pronounce myself free!

This is so beautiful! It’s a little long, but enjoy: When I run across something like this, I usually incorporate it into my spiritual practice for a couple of days to allow my soul to assimilate and process the … Continue reading

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Let’s take a moment to nourish our soul!

Have you ever wondered why almost everyone comes alive in this current season? We change our way of dressing, our  hairstyle  and take on more activities, and even  start to socialize with our neighbors. We find reasons to be outside, … Continue reading

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Hello world!

  I’m so excited about this opportunity to share my insights with “the World” as Sweetly Inspired. My intention is to create a community of those who all look within, to first heal ourselves then our families and ultimately our … Continue reading

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