Psychic – Child of God

Many people ask me what it’s like being psychic and I am stumped when I try to answer them. I don’t consider myself to be any different than anyone else, nor did I even acknowledge this “ability” as the “gift” that some people have told me that it is. I consider it a “calling”; it is something that has been with me since I was born. You see, I learned long ago that this is not my world, or yours; it belongs to The Supreme Being of Energy that made it, the moon, stars, and everything else. I am only following; surrendering to my path, my calling.
I never really remembered my childhood until I treated myself to “Life Coaching” and delved into my own shadow side. I remembered that as a child I loved nature; loved being outside. I had such a vivid imagination that I imagined worlds of fairies, elves and animal companions who always accompanied me on my adventures through the wilds of my back yard. Walt Disney had nothing on me; I could day dream for hours about these worlds, and I did. I remember laying in my bed at night, around 5 yrs old and seeing people outside my bedroom window. Not real people, but shadows. I was never afraid, but I always got up and stared outside, wondering why no one was there. My sister who slept in the bed with me never saw them. She was very practical and being 3 years older than I, found me quite annoying.
I was raised in the church. My mother was Baptist and my father was catholic, and I experienced and was taught both religions while growing up. My first profound experience was at St Thomas Episcopal Church, W. Philadelphia, PA; Father Anderson. It was carefully explained to me that I could not attend the catholic church because my father’s family had broken off relations and relocated to what was called “High Episcopal”, where the service was conducted in Latin. At 5 years old I was awed by the pomp and ceremony used in their expression of worship. I was in love with God and how he was worshiped. Father Anderson was my knight in shining armor, not because of his position, but because his aura shined like the sun when he did his prayers. I felt the angel’s wings of love around us as we repeated our verses after Father Anderson. It was my honor to kneel and cross myself when I entered and left this wonderful place that taught me how much my heart could fill up when worshiping “God”.
When I was around 7 years old (in around 1953 or 1954) I remember this vivid dream that stayed with me throughout my life. My mind always went back to this dream trying to figure it out; I realized later that it was not a memory that other people had or admitted to. I dreamed I was taken on this “ship” and shown around by people dressed in white. They had helmets on, much like the astronauts use now, but the seemed to communicate with me without words. They were adults, but very kind to me; they seemed to command authority as they talked to me and showed me around the circular ship. There were many doors to other compartments and as we went around to the many levels, I noticed each level had many doors and as they opened each door, there was a lesson to be learned. I trusted without question as they seemed so familiar. I never questioned the experience until much later in life realizing that in 1953 a “space ship” was unheard of in my world. Whoever they were, they have been with me though out my life, still teaching me. I never asked their names, I felt I knew them and it was not necessary.
I also remember being very conscious of something inside of me, with me but separate from me; so I talked to it. When I reached 9 yrs old, it answered me back. It was gentle, commanding and very much like a loving father. I knew it was not me because “Its” words vibrated throughout my being. It felt like a tight cap being pulled off my head and afterwards, I felt free and I experienced the openness of the energy around me. I knew that this was my secret friend and I never felt the urge to share this with anyone. It was my comfort.

I was quite the troublesome child, always pushing the rules and not paying much attention to the consequences. During this time, I continued talking to “It” and it became “my friend and “moral consciousness” and when I made poor choices or went against my mother’s rules it chastised me, more than my mother did. Then my years of life’s lessons arrived. I quickly learned that I could not go against Divine law; even as a child, every time I stole, or lied I saw the consequences immediately. Little by little, into adulthood this was magnified and little by little, I learned what “truth” is. I learned instinctively to look into the eyes to discover the soul; to follow my feelings, to go within to that voice whenever I had a dilemma or question. To say that I was sensitive is an understatement. I cried for everything. Even if I saw another person crying, I cried with them. In my early youth, I was wild and adventurous trying everything my peers said was cool. Thank goodness; during the wild period, there was this internal companion who kept me from harm’s way.

During my child bearing years the “voice” faded into the background; for a good 10 years. My time was spent going to every physic my mother came in contact with. They kept telling me that I would “do what they did”; I laughed in their face! Not me…… I continued to read the books my favorite psychic, Jean Quinn suggested and I learned everything I could about angels and God and direct communication with God, as they called it. I loved Jean Quinn so much. She opened my world to guides, guardian angels, masters and the idea of teachings design to get you “closer to God”. That was my motivation. Who or What is God? In retrospect, there was a force driving me. All during my life the “occult” as it was called then in the nineteen sixties fascinated me. At that time you couldn’t even find books on the subject at local book stores, and if you did, the selection was so small that it took up less than half a shelf. It was something that was done in “secret;” you couldn’t tell people what you were reading or studying; they would talk about you. Baptist’s did not believe in the occult. What happened was that people found me, people who somehow let their guard down enough to validate themselves and me by letting me know that they “believed the secret teachings” too and they then turned you on to their books, practices and that’s how you found out where to get information.

I was driven to learn. I studied Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and every other primitive religion or practice that I could find. I remember finding myself in the rare book section of New York’s Public library, on 5th Avenue doing research on religion and the occult. I joined “Astara” Whose teachings of the occult matched my belief that we can heal each other as Jesus did, and I learned healing with the “White Light of the Christ” in my twenties. I knew that I was to become a healer but I didn’t know what a healer did. I even studied and received my minister’s license at the Blessed Events Spiritual Church, in Long Island NY. My teacher Lillian Brown taught me the wonderful world of herbs. In the 1980’s, she was the instrument for which I started doing “readings”; up until that point I didn’t even entertain the thought that I could. I never consciously “chose “ this path, but everything in my Being led me to where I am.
We are all just becoming aware of the “laws of the Universe” and as I watch the world awaken to the fact that: this time, this event, this awakening has been planned by the Universe since the beginning of time. We are all; each one of us exactly where we are supposed to be and are “opening” our consciousness to embrace the unseen powers that control us. Again, in retrospect, and through my various studies, I have learned that we are God’s children and all of us follow a path, willingly chosen by us to lead us into the perfection that we are. There are those who have walked this path before us and have graciously given us guidepost, or “tools’ to help us along our path. And I humbly offer this information to you on your path. Those fellow “children of God” help me give my consultations and each reading done is accompanied by that person’s guides and guardian angels to insure accuracy. I am grateful for their companionship. With God, anything is possible.
I look forward to offering my insight and readings to you on my web page: Sweet, Simple .
So please, take the time to  visit us after June 1, 2011


About Sweetly Inspired by Sweet, Simple Inspirations

Carol Terry is an intuitive Reiki practitioner and teacher who created “Sweet, Simple Inspiration" as a non profit community based organization whose sole purpose is to promote “well being”. She started her spiritual quest in the early seventies, studying with Astara, in Upland, CA. She obtained her minister’s license with the “Blessed Events Spiritual Church”, Westchester, NY in and completed her Reiki training with Yvonne DeVastey, M. Ed, & Reiki Teacher. She has been conducting intuitive counseling sessions and workshops in the Philadelphia , Delaware, Maryland and Virginia areas for over 25 years.
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3 Responses to Psychic – Child of God

  1. Sadie says:

    Beautiful post Carol!

  2. Uncle Tree says:

    What a wonderful memorial to your highest self!

    I admire your courage. Bravo!
    Peace and love to you this weekend –
    Wishing you well, Uncle Tree

  3. stacey chambers says:

    Blessed words for Carol Terry.
    Carol, I hope that you will find it necessary to write books. There’s a deeper depth of soul searching, healing, and love that can be sought, found and obtained for the good of mankind. Truth and power cannot be found on the surface of one’s soul, but from within one’s soul. I believe that you have begun the journey that so many fail to complete, not because the journey is laboring but because of the lack to labor. Remember that whilst you spirit is speaking to you, turn off your mind for it will contradict the wholeness of your spirituality.

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