If Life is a journey, Where is the Map?

The weather changes, the earth and sky change; our bodies change; sometimes through no fault of our own our very life changes right before our eyes. Secretly, silently, issued by the Universe, we were given tools to help us find our way. We can get a glimpse of this “map” in retrospect, as we take the time to view the changes that have occurred in our lives. If we are perceptive, we can see that most of the “changes” we have experienced have led to a greater good. But very often what occurs is that we experience fear amidst the situation and we start to dread “change” itself.

So, what is change? Wiki defines change as: The process of becoming different. Webster states: it is transformation (Noun). The one thing we know about change, is that it is constant. Sometimes we can consciously direct the flow of change’ that occurs in our life and at other times, it is forced on us without our permission. When we take the time to heal our attitude toward the situation, we then find that it does wonders to insure a positive outcome.

We can become depressed when we look at the changes that occur in our bodies and in our lives; we can look at our bodies, much like a favorite coat we wear that is showing signs of wear and tear and we can look at our lives as a work in progress. In that way we can offer the “circumstances” love and acceptance; being grateful for the role it plays in our life journey.

There are many tools that we were given by the Universe in anticipation of the storms we would encounter along our journey. All over the world we are becoming aware of practices that have been on earth since the beginning of time in one form or another. We are all seeking ways to heal; to be in balance. The tools I discovered were; writing, meditation, yoga, dance, music and play which all served me at various times in my life.  In my effort to heal some of the life changing events I was confronted with, I discovered Reiki. This wonderful practice, helps to balance us by sending energy to the areas of our body that hold the pain of our struggles and disappointments. It empowers you to heal first yourself, then your family and ultimately your community.

What Tools do you practice to help you heal; What tools have you learned to share with others? It takes the act of loving oneself; trusting that life is not going to hurt us, knowing that we have the power within us to transcend all that comes to us on our journey.


About Sweetly Inspired by Sweet, Simple Inspirations

Carol Terry is an intuitive Reiki practitioner and teacher who created “Sweet, Simple Inspiration" as a non profit community based organization whose sole purpose is to promote “well being”. She started her spiritual quest in the early seventies, studying with Astara, in Upland, CA. She obtained her minister’s license with the “Blessed Events Spiritual Church”, Westchester, NY in and completed her Reiki training with Yvonne DeVastey, M. Ed, & Reiki Teacher. She has been conducting intuitive counseling sessions and workshops in the Philadelphia , Delaware, Maryland and Virginia areas for over 25 years.
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