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Let’s take a moment to nourish our soul!

Have you ever wondered why almost everyone comes alive in this current season? We change our way of dressing, our  hairstyle  and take on more activities, and even  start to socialize with our neighbors. We find reasons to be outside, … Continue reading

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Rebirth and Recovery : The Earthquake in Japan

In an earlier blog I spoke about “change” that is forced on us without our permission; life altering change brought on by birth, death, sickness, loss of jobs and of course, natural disasters.  We cannot escape the fact that we … Continue reading

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Changing the Flow

I just took a break from life. The roof is leaking and I am full of anxiety, fear and resentment. I went into my bedroom, closed the door and sat in the silence for an hour.  I now know that … Continue reading

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If Life is a journey, Where is the Map?

The weather changes, the earth and sky change; our bodies change; sometimes through no fault of our own our very life changes right before our eyes. Secretly, silently, issued by the Universe, we were given tools to help us find … Continue reading

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