Today in my daily guides I read this passage:

Real optimism should not be confused with a carefree outlook on life, one in which we forfeit responsibility for our lives. The person who marches on toward hope through sheer force of will-that person is a true optimist.”

What are your choices each day, when you are in the midst of your storms? How do you find your center; your will to move on?

I choose peace in the midst of confusion. I affirm joy instead of choosing anger or mistrust. I choose laughter instead of tears. In this way I have learned that all things change, and that we are only living one moment in time, at a time and above all; all things change. It is what it is but, It’s ALL Good! There is always hope.

Please, send your prayer’s to the Middle Eastern Countries.


About Sweetly Inspired by Sweet, Simple Inspirations

Carol Terry is an intuitive Reiki practitioner and teacher who created “Sweet, Simple Inspiration" as a non profit community based organization whose sole purpose is to promote “well being”. She started her spiritual quest in the early seventies, studying with Astara, in Upland, CA. She obtained her minister’s license with the “Blessed Events Spiritual Church”, Westchester, NY in and completed her Reiki training with Yvonne DeVastey, M. Ed, & Reiki Teacher. She has been conducting intuitive counseling sessions and workshops in the Philadelphia , Delaware, Maryland and Virginia areas for over 25 years.
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